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this is the first half, ENDED coming out 2015

proxy 1


released August 19, 2014

produced, performed and recorded by December Assembly:
Rene Osorio: guitar
Ryan Faber: guitar, bass, synths, vocals
Connor Olson: guitars, sitar, synths, noise
Gabe Gardner: percussion, piano
written by Ryan Faber and Connor Olson
mixed by Connor Olson
art direction by Ryan Faber
recorded at Proxy Studios, Kentwood, MI
vocal recording by Rene Osorio at OZO RIO Studios, Caledonia, MI

mastering by Connor Olson at Proxy Studios
cassette mastering and arrangement by Rene Osorio and Ryan Faber at OZO RIO Studios



all rights reserved


Black And The Mask Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ryan Faber

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Track Name: Sex Cells
the big blue sky is looking gray
more and more so every day
not that far from you now
still off to the side somehow
in the hole you left me in
i want to climb for one last sin

right in front of me
take down the apple tree
now more and more
i still have things left in store
you are just a sex cell
on the crooked floor of castle hell
and you are only possible
indefinite, just capable

i once abandoned the real me
splashed across with the deep blue sea
now i'm just trying to swim through
and trying real hard to find you too
wherever you are
whatever you do
whom gave you the scars
i will always find you

look me out
see me through
as i follow
into you
Track Name: Give You Up
I ran long and hard to get away
until you came and showed me the better days
now i guess it’s just a dream
you’re unraveling, undone at the seams

knew me beneath the surface
now i’m a face that you forget
i wanted your charade to stop
so i’ll find a way to give you up

i found the better days myself so i went ahead and fucking left
left you cold and dead and now i’m feeling things i have never felt
feelings about you! a whore! a drunk! my old wicked disease
who knew! part of myself where i couldn’t wipe my nose and magically you’d leave
i was addicted to you
everyday was something new
sobered up just to see
this whole time you were drinking me

knew me from underneath the skin
just like the knife that you left in
i know that i was not enough
so i found a way to just give up

this way

i found a way to give you up
i know that i was not enough
not big enough
not strong enough
not smart enough
just not enough
for you
Track Name: Siphon
change what you've become
more of what you think you need
the most will go to the some
because we are siphoning your greed
i am the voice of everyone
saying that we've had enough
a surrogate for the young
acting out and feeling tough

no one here pretends that we're safe
no one
Track Name: There Are Monsters Nearby
i tried to pick up the pieces
from what we had before
i found you hiding in places
i never would've looked before
the story folds at the creases
the binding of a book thrown to the floor
tension increases
leaving you begging for more

i'll just hide away
and wait for the day
you give up your charade
you give up your escapades

let it all come down
listen to the sound